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We specialize

In the following services

Custom web design

We make an attractive design for users, promoting the personality of each company

Custom programming

We program all the functionalities of your website. We can develop any idea, if it is well planned

Self-administered page

We developed a panel so you can manage your website at any time, without depending on us

SEO optimization

We use the best programming techniques and practices to favor the organic positioning of your website in Google

Online stores

We take care of developing your eCommerce store so that you can display your products or services in the best way

Reasonable prices

We offer professional websites with reasonable prices to help businesses of all sizes increase their sales

Responsive design

We use the best technologies to make your website visually attractive and easy to navigate on any device, mobile, tablet or computer


We have a completely free hosting service within the first year


Design adapted to cell phones and tablets

Every year technology advances by leaps and bounds, and

web pages

are not far behind, since today people use their cell phones or tablets more to browse the internet than a computer. So from the beginning we do the design and development of your website thinking about how it looks and how it works on cell phones and tablets
Responsive web design
Web Design Uruguay SEO

Why choose us?

At REDDevs we want to be part of your business, understanding your objectives and motivations, until you consider us part of your team.

We adapt to you and your project, giving you just what you need, without charging you more or giving you less.

We support our clients, dispensing with intermediaries so that conversations and meetings are used to the maximum.

How we work?

Initial contact

You contact us through one of our means of communication, you tell us the objective you are looking for and the characteristics you would like your product to meet.


Based on the information you have given us, we plan the best way to carry out your project, looking not only for what best suits your business, but also for the lowest possible cost, so that the cost does not affect your business. budget


We contact you and offer you a solution proposal that allows us to carry out your project effectively and economically.

Design and development

We carry out the design and development of your product adapted to your business, with a modern and responsive design so that your clients can use it on any device


We upload the project to the internet so that your clients can start using it and we explain how you can manage your business information

Web design in uruguay


Vanessa Álvarez

Web Developer

Information Technology Analyst Student

ORT Uruguay

Ernesto Jost

Web Developer

Systems Engineering Student

ORT Uruguay

Frequent questions

We respond to frequently asked questions from our clients about our

web design services

with information that clarifies possible doubts
All content and materials necessary to create a website: text, logos, images and other graphics are provided by the client. It is important that you or someone on your team is responsible for collecting, writing and organizing the information on your website so that your company's objectives in terms of the information you want to communicate are met.
This depends on the complexity of the contracted web project, normally 5-20 business days.
Your web page, once finished, must have a name within the Internet called a domain and host it on a server. We deliver your fully functional project, where you will have

free hosting

the first year if you host with us. You can also hire it on your own if you wish.
Once your web page is designed, it does not generate

any kind of costs

. As for text and image updates, you can do them yourself. A one-off amount will be charged if at any time you decide to create an advanced function on the web, such as

integrate online payments

, create a new page section, integrate a

reservation system

or other development that takes me several hours of work.
We do not provide content writing services for websites, since we work for companies of different fields and characteristics, so we do not know in depth the theme of your company.
Yes, all the pages we create are

compatible with the the latest generation of mobile phones

. Your website will appear on iPhone, iPad, smartphones and tablets. We make websites thinking about cell phones and tablets from the first moment. If you need to improve your site for mobile operation, we can make custom adjustments for a separate quote.
The price of a web page depends on many factors. It will depend on the complexity of the project, contracted services and delivery times of the web. You can contact us without any kind of commitment, so that we can get to know each other and prepare the

right budget

for you. You can ask us to send you your budget without commitment in our contact section.
Yes, we are

wordpress experts

. This allows us to speed up the development process and our customers can easily add, modify and remove content. Our

websites are self-managed


Contact Us

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to your request immediately. The information collected here will be kept confidential and we will not send spam.